Our Commitment to Communities

Biodiesel delivers positive environmental and health impacts as well as significant economic benefits to local and regional communities. In the process of  increasing the economic and environmental value of waste materials such as grease traps, UNIVICE biodiesel manufacturing delivers high-quality manufacturing jobs, and increased demand for local and regional goods and services.

Boosting Economic Activity Biodiesel’s benefits go beyond air quality improvements and carbon reduction that help the regional and global environment.

Much of our raw materials come from within local communities . The majority of our parts and plant supplies are purchased from local distributors. Local contractors provide the supplemental  we need for plant maintenance and improvement projects. Each biodiesel plant is a new economic ecosystem that creates a multiplier effect of increased economic activity in local and regional communities. We Help Improve Health and the Environment Ultra-low carbon biodiesel fuel can help decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 80%+ and reduce other harmful pollutants by up to 50% compared to petroleum-based diesel fuel. Another key factor is the health benefits that come from cleaner burning fuels.

Air quality is measurably worse in industrial areas where diesel is heavily used, and already suffer from increased air pollution from high volumes of truck traffic. It’s these economically disadvantaged communities who lack the resources to combat the many negative effects of air pollution that benefit the most from biodiesel use. It’s these economically disadvantaged communities that benefit the most from biodiesel use because they lack the resources to combat the many negative effects of air pollution. Cleaner burning fuels means cleaner air, which means less asthma and reduction of other respiratory illnesses.