Evaluation Criteria

All the criteria below are evaluated by key dedicated managers within the business before awarding any contracts. Throughout the process, we have regular meetings to ensure that all involved are confident that the supplier assessments are a fair reflection of each bidder’s proposal.

The following factors are considered, where appropriate, during the evaluation:

  • Minimal use of new material in the product.
  • The use of recyclables rather than disposables.
  • Minimal or no environmental impact from the product or service life cycle.
  • Elimination of packaging where possible.
  • Reduced consumption of energy/water.
  • Elimination of toxicity where possible.
  • Avoidance of using single-use disposable items.
  • Waste disposal considerations (high recyclability)
    Preference is given to suppliers who have:
  • Sustainability values and commitments.
  • Sustainability certificates or awards.
  • Sustainability management systems or quality management systems.
  • Full compliance with the Univice Supplier Code of Conduct.