Advance Biodiesel Manufacturing

High-quality biodiesel requires a precise high-tech process. Biodiesel starts off with feedstock biological material like soybean oil, inedible corn oil, waste animal fats, and used cooking oil. The first step to ensure high-quality biodiesel involves removing impurities from the feedstock through a refining process called pre-treatment. The refined feedstock is blended with alcohol in the presence of a catalyst chemical. This is called trans-esterification, which creates two products, methyl esters – the chemical name for biodiesel and glycerin, a valuable byproduct that’s used in soaps and other products. Once the glycerin is separated, the methyl esters are washed and the remaining methanol is removed with additional steps, which increases the quality of the finished product. One of the most critical steps in the production process is the purification phase.  

This step removes any remaining impurities or particles from the methyl Ester. It’s one of the additional steps Univice takes to produce high quality biodiesel. 20 rigorous tests are performed to evaluate quality and performance. All of the test results are documented in a report called a certificate of analysis or CFA. Now the biodiesel is ready for distribution. Univice conducts additional tests throughout the process. So our Advance biodiesel actually exceeds industry standards. In addition, Making high quality biodiesel is a precise high-tech process. A process that ensures strict standards are followed to create a fuel that’s good for your diesel engine.