Biodiesel Sustainability Verification

Univice’s Advance Biodiesel is produced entirely from waste products such as Food Waste, Brown grease, and Sewer grease, and as such is the most sustainable biodiesel available, offering the highest level of carbon savings to our customers. Every ton of fossil diesel that is displaced Univice’s biodiesel represents a saving of over 90%. Biodiesel produced by Univice is compliant with all rules and regulations. Univice Advance Biodiesel will be accredited under International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC).

In addition, Univice will be approved under the most Environmental Protection Agency which means that we will be able to export our Advance biodiesel to overseas and across Europe.

There are a number of environmental benefits of using biodiesel particularly Advance Biodiesel made from wastes Since biodiesel is a renewable, clean-burning fuel, its use helps consumers and businesses reduce their carbon footprint the amount of carbon dioxide emitted as a result of energy used. Univice’s use of waste materials means that our distilled biodiesel scores particularly highly on carbon reduction. Biodiesel of all types, if produced with no net carbon emissions from land use change, is more environmentally friendly than
mineral diesel. And biodiesel from oily waste is better for the environment than biodiesel produced from virgin oils such as UCO.